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Ferrum Insurance Agency offers customized insurance solutions to the various risks inherent in life and business. We focus on each individual or organization as unique in their needs, partnering with our clients in customizing solutions that fit their risk profile while ensuring prompt and efficient service.

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We’re covering all the insurance fields

We have endavoured to design insurance products for each market and need. The needs are diverse and so is our array of producets. our catalogue is all inclusive.

Marine Insurance

covering against loss or damage to cargo/goods occurring during the voyage and any sums paid in freight.

Motor Commercial

A comprehensive policy that comes with capped excesses, higher inner limits and optional extensions.

Domestic Package

Provides homeowners and tenants benefits from buildings they occupy as private dwellings.

Fidelity Guarantee

Covers loss of monies belonging to the insured or for which he is legally responsible while on the premises specified,

Goods In Transit

GIT covers property against loss or damage while in transit from one destination to another or being stored during a journey

All Risks Cover

For damage or destruction from any loss, including fire. Each item is specifically identified and is allocated a separate sum insured.

WIBA Insurance

Indemnity to an employer against legal liability under the workmen injury Act (2007) in respect to bodily injury to a workman due to accidents at work.

Fire & Peril

The standard Fire policy provides indemnity against material loss to property caused by fire – To constitute a fire within the meaning of fire.

  • Our Values
  • Our Mission
  • Our Vision
  • Integrity
  • Discresion
  • Responsiveness

Our Values

Our principles and beliefs guide our decision-making . These values serve as a foundation for the way we operate . Some of our principle values include:

  • Integrity

  • Discretion

  • Collaboration

  • Responsiveness

Our Mission

To offer bespoke insurance solutions to our customers, enabling them minimize risk inherent in daily life and business and maximize their full potential with peace of mind

  • Minimizing Risks

  • Propmt Payments

Our Vision

To become the trusted insurance advisor of choice for individuals, SME’s and Corporates in East Africa.

  • Associates Insurance

  • Payment at Contingency


Integrity is a fundamental value in the insurance industry, emphasizing honesty, transparency, and ethical behavior. Insurance companies that prioritize integrity strive to maintain the highest standards of moral and professional conduct in all aspects of their operations.

  • Associates Insurance

  • Payment at Contingency


Discretion is a value that insurance companies may uphold, particularly in relation to the handling and protection of confidential and sensitive customer information. It involves the responsible and confidential management of customer data and the respectful consideration of privacy concerns.

  • Associates Insurance

  • Payment at Contingency


Responsiveness is a crucial value in the insurance industry, emphasizing the importance of prompt and efficient communication and action. Insurance companies that prioritize responsiveness understand that timely and effective interactions with their customers are essential for building trust and delivering exceptional service.

  • Associates Insurance

  • Payment at Contingency


What our clients are saying about Ferrum Insurance

Our Clients speak highly enough of our services. Our commitment to exceptional customer service, efficient claims handling, proactive communication, and value for money has exceeded expectations of many.

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