Eligible ages:

  • Minimum Age: 10 Years

  • Maximum Age: 65 Years

This is a cover for motor vehicles used for leisure, social, domestic and own private business. The scope of cover includes :-


  • Motor comprehensive – It covers accidental damage, passenger liability (excluding the insured, his immediate family and the driver), theft of vehicle and liability to third parties. Cover includes
  1. Accidental Impact damage including overturning and collision.
  2. Emergency Medical expense cover.
  • Courtesy car/ loss of use cover.
  1. Excess protector.
  2. Political Violence & Terrorism cover.
  3. Accidental Fire damage.
  • Theft/partial Theft cover.
  • Third-party liability cover for bodily injury & property damage.
  1. Windscreen cover.
  2. Entertainment system cover.
  • Third Party, Fire & Theft – It covers
  1. Theft of the car,
  2. Passenger liability (excluding the insured, his immediate family and the driver),
  • Accidental Fire damage in the event your vehicle catches fire and is destroyed.
  1. Liability to third parties
  • Third party Only – It is the minimum legal cover that every car owner must have to be legally on the road. The cover protects a vehicle owner from liabilities that may arise from third parties in the event of an accident. Third-party liability relates to:
  1. Bodily injury.
  2. Property damage.
  • Theft cover as a result of your vehicle being stolen.

This cover does not protect the car owner from personal liabilities – any repair costs are met by the insured himself.

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